What are the Benefits of Lone Worker Monitoring?

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August 28, 2021

Working alone can be an essential part of a person’s job role. Even if they’re not a sole lone worker, many job roles do require the individual to be lone working from time to time. Lone working can leave the individual in a vulnerable position and therefore they need added protection to ensure they are safe at all times. Those who may require this extra later of security are security guards working out of hours or those putting in extra hours alone, such as in an office. 

What is lone worker monitoring?

Lone worker monitoring is when a third-party monitoring provider will monitor, check in and oversee the lone worker during their shift to ensure they are safe, there are no risks and no incidents have taken place. If an event or emergency did occur, such as an intrusion, fire or accident, the monitoring provider would be able to either warn the lone worker or carry out the necessary actions to get the necessary help. 

There are multiple ways and solutions in which lone worker monitoring can take place. It can be tailored to the needs of the client and the type of lone work being carried out. Different solutions can also be carried out depending on the security and safety systems the site has in place. Examples include: 

  • Remote CCTV monitoring of the lone worker
  • Regular check-ins with the lone worker
  • Tracking devices & panic alarms worn by the lone worker, which sends automatic signals to the monitoring provider and their alarms receiving centre (ARC).

8 benefits of lone worker monitoring

Improved Lone Worker Safety

Having lone worker monitoring in place significantly improves the safety of those working alone. By being constantly and professionally monitored by an external team, any issue can be immediately reported and the necessary action taken. Whether the employee has had a fall or been a victim of crime, the monitoring operatives will be at their aid.  

Lone Workers Feel Supported

Lone work can be an isolating experience, especially when carried out out-of-hours without any other individuals around. Knowing that they are fully supported and their safety monitored, lone workers will be able to carry out their work confidently and efficiently. 

More Reliant Than Using Mobile Phones

Many lone workers use their mobile phones as a means to communicate if they encounter an issue or are in an emergency. However, mobile phones can’t always be relied upon, especially if the lone worker is in an area with no mobile reception or internet access, loses or has their phone stolen, or is in a situation whereby they are unable to reach or use it. These factors don’t affect the effectiveness of lone worker monitoring and therefore it is a much more reliant, effective and successful way to protect lone workers. 

Location Tracking

A benefit of lone worker monitoring is being able to track the location of lone workers. The monitoring operatives will therefore know the location of every lone worker and can identify that there are where they should be at any given time. If a worker happens to be in the wrong location or perhaps hasn’t moved locations at all, this could be a cause for concern and the operatives would contact the lone worker to check on their safety and carry out any necessary actions needed.

Oversee Employee Behaviour

Lone worker monitoring also provides the benefits of overseeing the employee’s behaviour throughout their shift or time on site. Without other individuals around, it can be hard to know that lone workers are behaving appropriately and carrying out their duties. With lone worker monitoring in place, the monitoring operatives can make sure the employee is carrying out their task to a suitable standard.

Quick Response to Incidents

A major concern for lone workers is that if something happens and they’re unable to immediately call for help, how long will it take for someone to find them? The reality is that it could be hours, especially if they are carried out a night shift. With lone worker monitoring in place, the monitoring operatives work around the clock and therefore will be able to quickly identify any issue, especially if a CCTV system is in place. 

At RMS, our monitoring operatives are highly trained to respond to incidents as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They will be able to assess the situation and decide on the appropriate response and action it in minimal time, whether that be contacting the keyholder, the police or fire and rescue services. 

Meets Legal Duty of Care

Employers must meet their legal duty of care when it comes to their lone workers, ensuring that they’re not subjected to any high-risk situations. Lone worker monitoring meets this legal duty of care as it helps protect individuals against any potential crime or injury.

Peace of Mind 

A benefit of lone worker monitoring that must not be overlooked, it the peace of mind it brings to both the lone worker and the end-user. Knowing that their employees have an added layer of protection when they carry out their work, in addition to there being a quick response measure in place if needed, can bring confidence to all those involved.

Is lone worker monitoring worth it? 

The benefits of lone worker monitoring are endless. It is impossible to put a price on safety and security, especially that of an individual, making lone worker monitoring arguably an essential part of a client’s day-to-day operations. 

How to set up lone worker monitoring?

At RMS, our lone worker monitoring service is unparalleled to others in the industry. We pride ourselves on our highly-trained monitoring operatives, combined with our transparent, honest and world-class customer service. If you’re interested in setting up a new lone worker monitoring solution or are looking for a new monitoring contract, get in touch with us online or call us on 0330 002 1149 for a FREE quote.


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