Remote Health & Safety Patrols

Remote Health & Safety Patrols

Improve the overall health & safety of sites with our Remote Health & Safety Patrols, which allow for more thorough and effective monitoring for potential health and safety hazards and incidents than a physical patrol team. 

Our bespoke Remote Health & Safety Patrol service provides additional oversight to a site and provides more consistent surveillance of potential risks that could impact the site itself or individuals. 

By using the strategically placed cameras within a site’s CCTV network system, our remote patrol team can access live video footage to identify:

  • Hazards & potential hazards
  • Obstructions to fire exits 
  • Correct procedure being followed e.g. Hi-vis, helmets.
  • Machinery & appliances left in an unsafe condition
  • Broken machinery (sparking etc)
  • Leaks
  • Detect emergencies (flooding, fire etc.)
  • Damage or vandalism to areas
  • HSE Compliance

Whether the site is small or on a larger scale, we have the capability to improve the health and safety of a site by making sure it stays compliant with the necessary regulations. Have the confidence that if there were an issue, it would be picked up, recorded and reported.

Flexible and scalable, our Remote Health & Safety Patrol service can be adapted to meet the needs and requirements of the client. We can remotely patrol an area as often as required, at any time of day, interior and/or exterior, with a particular focus on areas opposing the biggest risk.

Benefits of Remote Health & Safety Patrols

  • Improve overall site security
  • Flexible & scalable approach
  • Cost-effective
  • Rapid response & notification if activity detected
  • Professional, honest & transparent service
  • Coverage of all vulnerable areas

How Remote Health & Safety Patrols Work

Our remote patrol team will access a site’s CCTV network and carry out video-based patrols of the site via their strategically placed cameras. Highly trained and experienced, our operatives provide reliability, consistency and affirmative action when needed to ensure a highly safe site.  

What Happens Next? 

If you are looking to start a new remote health & safety patrol contract or are wishing to move an existing one, then get in touch with us on 0330 002 1149. 

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