Caring for your customers’ sites has never been easier with Easi Site Care from RMS

Remote Monitoring Services is dedicated to providing clear, open and transparent reporting in conjunction with its monitoring service, that assist maintainers in caring for their customers’ sites.

Carefully curated portals, reports and services combine to give maintainers the information that they need, ensuring that their customers’ sites are working and protecting them when they are needed the most.

Designed for easy of use and clarity, we believe that Easi Site Care is an unrivalled service for maintainers.


EasiMaintain is a software solution for remotely monitoring the status of CCTV systems.

The software automatically logs into each CCTV system remotely every hour and performs a number of diagnostic checks. Checks performed include Camera Status, Disk and Recording Status, Time Accuracy, and more.

We send a daily Status Report identifying which systems require remedial action. This ensures your sites are working and fit for purpose 24/7.

EasiMaintain can be used as part of a proactive maintenance offering. With EasiMaintain automatically checking the status of your CCTV systems, you don’t have to.

An interactive dashboard shows you the status of your installations on one page. The Web Viewer allows you to check the status of your systems on the go. Engineers can be sent to an area with multiple sites requiring action which can improve their utilisation.


EasiTest is our secure portal for engineers.

Placing systems on test and checking signals can all be done from the engineers mobile or tablet. We provide logins for each engineer as well as the link to the portal address. EasiTest saves engineers time, speeding up the process of checking signals from maintenance visits.

The engineer can check that all signals have been restored, carry out a remote reset, and confirm with the customer that their contact details are correct.

EasiTest Customer

EasiTest Customer is our secure portal for end users.

Placing systems on test and checking signals can all be done from the users mobile or tablet. EasiTest saves end users time, speeding up the process of checking signals from weekly system checks for fire and hold up alarms.

The end user can check that all signals have been received and restored,  view their CCTV images, and using the monthly report ensure their key holders are up to date..


EasiVue is our secure web portal for office based employees.

EasiVue transports you into a web view our monitoring platform, giving you the opportunity to see how your systems are set up and the events we have handled.

We believe in complete transparency, so included with EasiVue is the images that we receive and view from CCTV systems as well as full detailed logs of how all events are handled.

For those installers that wish to make edits to key holder information themselves we can set this up for your team.


Monitored systems can create a lot of reports, what are they informing you of? What do you need to do?

With EasiReports we have added informative boxes, which provides descriptive information of what the report is informing you. Adaptable for each report type, these can be personalised for each maintainer, a simplified, curated service.

We can provide, daily, weekly or monthly reports informing you of the status of your monitored systems. Reports such as systems in line fault, outstanding CCTV faults and permanent isolations made on CCTV systems that require remedying are all included within the package.

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