An alarm response service providing instant access to a network of professional guards in just one click. Just one of the services covered by PROTEKTR from RMS.


RSPNDR is an alarm response service that connects monitored alarm systems to a curated network of professional guard companies through an Uber-like platform. It will instantly identify and dispatch the nearest available responder, navigate them to the property, and report their findings if an alarm has been triggered. 

RSPNDR offers full transparency throughout the alarm response process and will manage the dispatch, monitor the response, and provide detailed inspection reports after securing the property, all within 30 minutes. 

Revolutionising the Market

RSPNDR is revolutionising the market. For a small monthly fee that includes up to 2 free call outs each year, RSPNDR make professional guard response affordable. Residential and business customers will get peace of mind from knowing that someone will respond to their alarm.

Delivering More Value to Installers

At RMS, we are working to give installers a way to offer new, value-added services that increase recurring revenues. In addition, installers can have access to detailed reports of events and the actions taken for full transparency.

Offering Speed of Response

Home and business owners want to feel at ease knowing that if their alarm does go off a responder will attend. RSPNDR’s alarm response times are faster than the industry average and if we do not have a guard on site within 30 minutes, the call out is free**.

**Customers get 2 call outs included in their subscription. If the guard is not on-site within 30 minutes of the event being passed to them, the event will not be debited against their account and will be considered free, applies only to callouts within the subscription limit of 2.

How does the RSPNDR Alarm Process Work?

  • STEP 1 - Alarm
  • STEP 2 - “One Click” Alarm Dispatch
  • STEP 3 - Nearest Guard Arrives
  • STEP 4 - On Demand Digital Records
  • STEP 5 - Site Secure

What are the Benefits of RSPNDR?

The key benefits are quality, speed, and cost.

  • Only use professional guard companies with appropriate training, insurance and certifications. 
  • Guaranteed 30 minute response time or the call-out is free**. 
  • Low-cost subscription model. 
  • Guaranteed response time better than the uncertainty associated with police response. 
  • Simple and clear audit trail for all events.
  • Provides real-time online digital reports including pictures (no waiting for hard copy reports). 

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