Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To Protect Life, Property & Livelihoods

Our Values

I, Us, no one else.
We hold ourselves personally accountable to delivering these values.

We don’t always get things right.
When we don’t, we are honest about this, we will do what we can to rectify the situation and learn from our mistakes.
We are open, honest and transparent with everyone we deal with, in all situations.

Our Team
We are all Team RMS.
We value our team; we recognise without them we have no customers. We are committed to training and developing our team to be the best that they can be, and we reward their performance.

Continuous Improvement
Standing still is boring.
We continuously innovate our services and offerings to improve our delivery to our customers.

You mean the world to us.
Our customers are at the heart of what we do, every decision we take is based upon the positive impact that it has on them, and how it impacts our ability to deliver our core mission.

We. Are. All. The. Same
Everyone is equal regardless of age, sex, race, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, skills, beliefs, values or abilities.
We are committed to being an inclusive organisation, where everyone that we engage with feels valued and respected.

Day team. Contracts team. Sales team. Night team.
None of this matters; we are Team RMS. Only by working as one is the only way to deliver what is best for our customers.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy
The solutions we offer to customers are and can be complex.
We commit to embedded, standardised, one-click solutions for our team to provide the solutions.

Respect. Courtesy. Listening. Inclusion
We value everyone and treat people with respect, dignity and professionalism.

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