A lone worker solution that provides 24/7 monitoring, assistance and peace of mind to vulnerable lone workers across multiple industries. 

About Guardian

Guardian Lone Worker is the ultimate lone worker safety solution with check-in timers, geolocation tracking, push notifications and 24-hour monitoring. Available on Web, iOS and Android, it provides real-time updates on lone worker location and status, as well as the ability to manage it all from an intuitive and comprehensive admin dashboard, from anywhere in the world.


Key Features

Feature-rich, Guardian offers you and your team a number of tools designed to keep everyone safe and informed while out on site.

Comprehensive Management Dashboard

Easily monitor your lone workers from one user-friendly dashboard.

Session Timers

Each lone working session is broken down into timed intervals. At the end of each interval, the lone worker will check in and reset the timer. The Guardian interface makes this easy by providing a timer indicating exactly how long is left before action must be taken.

Maps & Geolocation Enabled

No matter where they are in the world, no team member is really alone with Guardian. The interface allows for a global view of all workers, their exact location and their statuses. You can know exactly what is happening and where.

Available on any Device

As well as being fully accessible via the web, access Guardian on iOS and Android.

24/7 Monitoring

If a team member misses a check-in, it will trigger an SOS to our monitoring team. They will be notified and will carry out the necessary procedure. Also, receive real-time support should any alerts arise.

Individual Worker & Company-Wide Session History

Guardian maintains a record of all lone worker sessions. View company-wide or individual statistics, session logs and assess potential risks.

Configurable Parameters

Decide how you wish to be notified and set the parameters for the team’s session timer!

Constant Development & Improvement

Guardian is constantly being updated and developed to improve the user experience. 


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