Why is CCTV Monitoring Important?

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July 31, 2021

CCTV monitoring can be an integral part of a company’s security strategy and ensuring the safety and security of a site. But why exactly is CCTV monitoring so important and what are the benefits? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about monitoring a CCTV system.


CCTV monitoring explained

CCTV monitoring is the professional monitoring of a site’s CCTV system. A third-party monitoring specialist team will access the client’s CCTV system and provide constant 24/7 monitoring, taking the responsibility off of any other party or individual. The monitoring team will be identifying any activity triggers on the CCTV cameras and will provide an instant response. They will firstly confirm whether the activation is a false alarm or not, something that is relatively quick and easy to do with CCTV systems, due to looking at the live footage and seeing if it’s an intruder or perhaps an animal that has accidentally set off the CCTV alarm. 

If it does seem to be criminal activity then the monitoring team will use their expert skills to quickly respond with the most appropriate action for the situation. This can include an audio challenge to the criminal, a call to the chosen keyholder or a police response. 

At RMS, the monitoring team are also able to monitor CCTV systems for any faults and can fix them remotely whenever possible. This ensures the cameras are constantly working and have not been tampered with or vandalised. 


Who monitors the CCTV system?

When a CCTV system is professionally monitored, a team of expert monitoring operatives will monitor the system. At RMS, they are highly trained and have a wealth of experience in system monitoring across multiple industries and system types. They have the skills to be able to respond fast and can quickly and calmly provide the best response to each situation. 

World-class customer service is also something we pride ourselves on, meaning each operative is trained to a high standard to provide a friendly, helpful and calming response to clients who are usually experiencing high levels of stress during an incident. 


Why is it beneficial for the end user? 

CCTV monitoring can provide multiple benefits for the end-user that overall can improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of the site.


Improved Site Protection

CCTV monitoring provides enhanced protection of a site from intruders, vandalism, arson and other crimes 24/7, 365 hours a day. The Home Office reported 82% of those surveyed in the retail and wholesale sector had experienced burglary with entry, 62% had experienced attempted burglary and 46% had experienced vandalism within the last year


Improved Employee Safety

Responsibility for monitoring and actioning a response sits with the monitoring team, meaning employees won’t need to put themselves in danger to deal with the issue. 


Rapid Responses

The monitoring team is highly trained to deal with situations fast. Combined with our monitoring technology, they are able to respond to events much faster than employees or an in-house team.


Reduce Business Disruption

By detecting and acting on a crime early, the monitoring team can significantly reduce the potential disruption to the end-user’s site, leading them to experience improved efficiencies and productivity.


Reduce False Alarms

By confirming if CCTV alarm triggers are true or false before initiating a response, the number of false alarms can be reduced dramatically. Not only does this benefit the end-user with less business and system downtime, but it also prevents wasting the time of the emergency services. 


Peace of Mind

Professional monitoring can give confidence to the end-user that their site is being monitored for any suspicious activity at all times of day, especially out-of-hours and during the night. 


No Physical Security Team Needed

The remote monitoring team are able to replace a physical security team, due to using the CCTV cameras as their eyes and ears to the site. This is not only more efficient but it can also reduce overall costs. 


Full Reporting

A monitoring team is able to provide bespoke and comprehensive reporting to the end-user, to provide them with full incident reports on all activations, helping them to fully understand all aspects of their site security. 


Reduce Insurance Premiums

By improving site security, risk considered by an insurance company could be lowered. This means that the end-user could save money on their insurance. 


CCTV monitoring can therefore be an important part of a site’s security and can have a drastic impact on the way they operate day-to-day, but especially if an incident were to occur. CCTV monitoring can therefore act as a great preventative to crime, due to the ability to catch it early and respond quickly, minimalising potential damage and loss to the end-user. 

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