What is Remote Security Monitoring?

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April 30, 2021

The security of a business, organisation or premises should never be overlooked. When taken seriously, site security can hold numerous ongoing benefits such as a reduced rate of targeting from criminals, improved business efficiency and a long-term reduction in costs.

Many of us know what a security system is and its importance, but did you know that remote security monitoring is an additional security service that can maximise the benefits of a current security system and add an extra layer of protection to the premises and employees inside?

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about remote security monitoring and whether it can benefit you and your business.


What is remote security monitoring?

Remote security monitoring is the monitoring of an entire security system, carried out by a third party monitoring provider, 24/7, 365 days of the year and completely remote.

The monitoring team will be monitoring the security system for several factors, with the most important being triggered or activated alarms. This could be in the form of intruder alarms, sensors and/or CCTV cameras.

The remote security monitoring team also has the responsibility of actioning a response when an alarm is triggered and informing the police or relevant authorities. This essentially puts the responsibility of managing, worrying about and dealing with a business’ security system onto the remote security monitoring provider and not on the business or installer, therefore providing total peace of mind. 


How does remote monitoring work?

Wondering how remote monitoring all works, especially when done remotely? We’ve got you covered.

The remote security monitoring company you choose will have their own Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This is a centre that is manned by a team of highly trained operatives, every hour of every day. The ARC receives signals from any triggered alarms or cameras, which notifies the operatives that a security breach has occurred.

The monitoring operatives will then quickly work to action the most appropriate response to the situation, whether that be the police or an audio challenge. The whole process of receiving an alarm notification, to actioning an immediate response can be done in a matter of minutes. 


What happens if an alarm is triggered?

When an alarm is triggered, there are a few steps that quickly take place to ensure the fastest response to the security emergency. 

Once the monitoring operatives have received the alarm notification, they will carry out the following steps:

1. Confirm if it is a false alarm.

The operatives know that there is a possibility that the activation could be a false alarm, especially if it is during working hours. Therefore, they will contact the site to confirm if the alarm is false or not. This not only saves the emergency services time and money, but also the business. 

If the alarm notification is received out of hours, then the team will assume that it is not a false alarm and will go on and action a response.

2. Action an immediate response.

The various options that the monitoring operatives can choose from will be set by you when setting up the contract. They can range from an audio challenge to the intruder to contacting the key account holder, as well as sending out the monitoring provider’s rapid response team to, of course, the emergency services. 

Whatever your set of agreed responses, the remote security monitoring team will always choose the most appropriate option and carry them out instantaneously and much faster than an untrained individual could do alone. 


How much does remote security monitoring cost?

Remote security monitoring contracts are usually a monthly or annual cost and can start from as little as £20 per month per site. Various factors will influence the price of each site, such as the size of the site’s security system and the number of elements it includes, such as number of CCTV cameras, alarms etc. 

RMS offers a free, no-obligation quotation. Call us on 0330 002 1149 today.


What are the benefits of remote security monitoring?

There are numerous benefits of having your security system professionally monitored by a remote security monitoring company. 

Extra layer of protection

By having remote security monitoring in place, it provides increased security to the site and better building protection from the effects of a break-in.

Reduced risk to employees & visitors

Intruders and criminals also oppose a risk to individuals who may get in the way of their crimes. Remote security monitoring can help prevent criminal activity from escalating and putting your employees and visitors at risk. 

Immediate response to alarms

Remote monitoring operatives are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to alarm notifications and therefore can provide a much faster response than another individual could.

Reduce business downtime

Because the site and employees aren’t responsible for security system activations, there will be significantly reduced business downtime if an intruder did break-in to the premises, as the employees will not need to deal with the issue, therefore driving better business efficiencies. 

Reduce unwanted false alarms

Figures show that 30% of false alarms are triggered by insects! Not only are false alarms annoying for the business, but they also put a strain on the emergency services. Remote security monitoring makes sure only real alarm activations are acted upon, saving all parties valuable time and money.


Remote security monitoring is therefore an additional service that will increase the overall safety and security of a site, whilst improving the day-to-day efficiencies and business operations. Employees can fully focus on their roles and not worry about potential intruders entering the premises, especially out of hours. 

At RMS, we provide monitoring for all types of systems, including security systems. We are proudly NSI gold accredited and provide a 5* personable service who are always happy to help with any query, big or small. 

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