• Remote Arm/Disarm
    Virtual Concierge Services

    Virtual Concierge Services is cost-effective and improves site efficiency and productivity. It eliminates the need for an on-site security guard or employee to verify employees and visitors as well as oversee the site management.

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  • Remote Health & Safety Patrols

    Improve the overall health & safety of sites with our Remote Health & Safety Patrols, which allow for more thorough and effective monitoring for potential health and safety hazards and incidents than a physical patrol team.

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  • SNMP Monitoring

    Our SNMP Monitoring service is completely bespoke and can be adapted to the needs of the client. It gives increased control of the entire network and improved efficiencies by identifying any issues with a connected network device and therefore protecting key infrastructure.  

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  • Partners

    We believe in developing strong partnerships with other service providers within the security industry. The partnerships we forge are based on our values; excellent customer service, dedication to employees and integrity.

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  • CCTV Monitoring
    Remote Patrol

    Having a Remote Patrol service in place gives an extra layer of security and the confidence that the site is being patrolled by a dedicated team who have the camera technology to pick up any activity a physical patrol warden may miss, due to not being in the right area at the right time.

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  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
    Fire Alarm Monitoring

    Protecting sites through fire alarm monitoring is imperative in protecting businesses. Reduce employee risk, reduce business downtime and more importantly protect against the devastating risk of fire. Have your fire system remotely monitored by us.

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  • Intruder Alarm Monitoring
    Intruder Alarm Monitoring

    If an intruder alarm triggers out of hours, who will be notified? Too many businesses don’t have their systems monitored. We provide a complete intruder alarm monitoring service to ensure round the clock peace of mind.

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  • CCTV Monitoring
    CCTV Monitoring

    A non-monitored CCTV system puts your customers business at serious risk of crime being undetected. Our comprehensive CCTV monitoring service is tailored to their requirements to ensure constant protection out of hours.

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  • Lone Worker
    Lone Worker Monitoring

    Lone working is sometimes an essential part of people’s roles. Employers have a legal duty of care to ensure employees who are working alone are protected against potential crime or injury. We can offer a range of bespoke lone working solutions, dependant upon required.

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  • Remote Arm/Disarm
    Helpdesk Services

    Professional in-bound call handling ensures your customers receive a high-end, professional service, and in-bound calls are never missed. Our solutions include message and call handling, call escalation, and professional switchboard services.

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  • Remote Site Access
    Remote Site Access

    Our Remote Site Access service ensures only fully identified and verified people are allowed access to your site. This ensures protection from unwanted visitors and also negates the need for on-site security personnel, saving money and reducing employee risk

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  • Remote Arm/Disarm
    Remote Arm/Disarm

    Our Remote Arm/Disarm service provides complete remote security of your intruder alarm systems and CCTV systems. By setting up remote arm/disarm, we ensure your security systems are fully armed and operational at the end of the day.

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As well as monitoring services, we also provide a free reporting service and exceptional service.


We can monitor the majority of security systems including:

Intruder Alarms • Fire Alarms • Panic Alarms • Forced Entry Monitoring • CCTV & Intelligent Video Monitoring • Remote Patrols • Virtual Concierge Services • Guard Watch Services • Open/Close Gates & Barriers • Helpdesk Solutions • Remote Site Management • SNMP Monitoring

We use Monitorsofts Sentinel platform to provide alarm handling with bespoke layouts, meaning you will receive a completely customised solution for you and your customers.

We also apply our monitoring services to data servers, commercial cold rooms or other similar items whereby the failure of a system needs to be monitored. We also offer lone worker protection, as well as remote concierge and call handling solutions.


We know the importance of understanding a business’s security, which is why we will not leave you in the dark. We provide you with multiple free reports on live reporting, CCTV & intruder zero alarm reporting as well as daily, weekly and monthly automated reports. We are flexible and can customise the type of data you and your customer’s need, with a fast turnaround. We’ll help you feel in complete control which will have a positive effect on your customer’s efficiency.

Our experienced team can also offer advice on setting up analytics on sites and/or individual cameras, growing your maintenance base and getting more recurring revenue from your existing customers.


What stands us apart from other providers, is our exceptional customer service and support team. There will always be another human at the end of the phone and you will have regular, direct communication with our monitoring centre. In addition, you can use our customer app to speak directly with engineers.

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    • Server and other device protection

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