What is Event-Based Monitoring?

May 5, 2022

System monitoring is a key part of a business site’s security and fire safety. But do you know the different types of monitoring available? In particular, event-based monitoring? Keep reading to discover all you need to know, including what is event-based monitoring, how it works and how it can benefit your sites.

What is event-based monitoring? 

Event-based monitoring is a type of professional monitoring, in which a monitoring company will use security system triggers, such as movement on motion sensors, to monitor and oversee a site. 

How does event-based monitoring work?

Event-based monitoring works by using technology-driven alerts from motion sensors on a site, to send a signal to a central monitoring station. These motion sensors can be individually placed around a site or can be set within CCTV cameras, such as line crossing or intrusion parameters. If these motion sensors are activated, a signal will be sent and a notification received by a monitoring operative who will then review the activation through the CCTV system cameras. They will then be able to confirm whether it is a true or false alarm. If it proves to be true, then they will carry out the necessary response, such as contacting the emergency services or police. If it is false, they can deactivate the alarm.

What’s the difference between event-based monitoring and live monitoring? 

Live monitoring is when a monitoring operative will watch video surveillance footage live and in real-time. It may be a single or several video feeds showing the footage of CCTV cameras across a site. In contrast, event-based monitoring uses technology to alert operatives only when there is an activation of a motion sensor. 

Live monitoring, therefore, allows for constant viewing of all activity, but also requires someone to watch footage 24/7 in order to catch suspicious or other criminal activity. Event monitoring allows for a monitoring operative to be on hand and ready to act, only when there is movement onsite. 

What are the benefits of event-based monitoring? 

More Cost-Effective

Eliminating the need for security personnel to either physically monitor a site or view hours of video footage around the clock, will result in significant savings. 

Improved Efficiencies

Event-based monitoring can result in improved business efficiencies throughout. Due to giving the responsibility to a third-party company, resources can be assigned elsewhere. 

Filter Out False Alarms

The use of event-based monitoring not only provides an extra layer of security to a site, but also helps filter out, and ultimately, reduce false alarms. 

Reduce Business Disruption

Sites will experience reduced disruption if an incident does take place, due to the monitoring company dealing with the issue quickly and efficiently, as well as from fewer false alarms.

Rapid Response

Professional event-based monitoring allows for every site to experience fast responses to any incident. Due to the instant notifications sent to the monitoring operatives when an event is triggered, false alarms will be identified and disarmed quickly, whilst any criminal activity will receive immediate attention and the correct response within a matter of minutes. 


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