Is it Possible to Change Your Alarm Monitoring Company?

September 30, 2021

Not happy with your current alarm monitoring company? Thinking about switching your contract to someone new? We’ve covered all you need to know when considering the switch and if it’s possible to change your alarm monitoring company, as well as how to go about it. 

What is alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is when a third party monitoring provider uses their team of highly trained monitoring operatives to keep track of and monitor a site’s alarm systems. Most commonly, these are intruder or fire alarms. 

When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring team will be instantly notified and they will quickly carry out the necessary actions to confirm whether or not it is a false alarm. They will do this by checking in with the account or site keyholder or by accessing other internal systems, such as CCTV, to check if there is a fire or intruder present. 

They will then carry out the necessary and most appropriate actions based on the incident, which could consist of an audio challenge to an intruder, contacting the site keyholder or calling the emergency services. 

Alarm monitoring, therefore, adds an extra and reliable layer of safety and security to a site. It reduces false alarms and ensures that an alarm is always attended to, no matter the date, time of day or if the site is occupied or not.  

Can you change your monitoring company?

Yes! It is possible to change your monitoring company, but you will be restricted as to when you can do this based on your current contract. Some contracts may be year-long and require a notice period before existing or switching to a new monitoring company.  

How do you change your monitoring company?

Changing your monitoring company should be a simple process. Follow the below steps to change your monitoring company. 

  1. Inform your current monitoring company that you wish to end your contract with them. 
  2. Talk to a new supplier and choose the contract you would like to start. 

Your contract will then enter a ‘contract takeover phase’. This is where the old and new monitoring company will communicate and work together to transfer your contract over with as little disruption to your monitoring service as possible.

 Both companies will be aware that if there is disruption or downtime of your monitoring service, then your site security may be at risk, due to potentially being unmonitored for a short period of time. Each company should have processes in place to protect site safety in the event of system downtime. Make sure to check this with both, but especially your new monitoring company, before making the switch. 

If all goes well, your monitoring contract will be transferred to the new company provider seamlessly.

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