How Much Does Fire Alarm Monitoring Cost?

Fire Alarm Monitoring
May 5, 2022

Fire alarm monitoring can have significant beneficial outcomes for end-user sites, from an increased layer of security, improved efficiencies and a reduction in false alarms. But how much does fire alarm monitoring cost? We’ve gathered all the information you need to know.

What is fire alarm monitoring? 

Fire alarm monitoring is the use of a third party professional monitoring company, to monitor a single or multiple site(s) fire alarm system(s) for activations and false alarms. Fire alarm monitoring is carried out remotely and over 365 days a year, 24/7. Fire alarm monitoring enables sites to be constantly protected and allows for peace of mind that if an alarm is triggered out of hours, an immediate response will be given. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring

How much does fire alarm monitoring cost?

Fire alarm monitoring is usually charged on a monthly contract and the cost varies from site to site. There are several factors that influence the cost for each site, however you can expect costs to start at approximately £20.00 per month. 

What factors influence the costs of fire alarm monitoring? 

There are several main costs that influence the monthly cost of a fire alarm monitoring contract. 

Number of Sites

The number of sites on a contract will influence the monthly cost. Whether you have a few, a dozen or hundreds, the more sites that require fire alarm monitoring, the larger the monthly cost. 

Site Size

The size of each site will also influence the overall cost. Larger sites will require a larger surface area to be covered by the monitoring team. 

Size & Complexity of System

Larger and more complex fire safety systems will have more internal components and alarms, leading to increased costs to monitor the system. 


Getting an accurate cost for fire alarm monitoring

If you are looking for an accurate cost or quotation for professional fire alarm monitoring for your sites, we recommend getting in touch. RMS are an NSI Gold accredited ARC and provide a honest and transparent, 5* service. 

Call us on 0330 002 1149 for a free quote today. 


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