What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Fire Alarm Monitoring
March 31, 2021

Fire alarm monitoring is when a fire alarm system is monitored by a third party monitoring provider, usually 24/7 and for 365 days of the year. An Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will be monitoring your fire alarm system for a number of things, with the most important being alarm triggers and providing the appropriate automatic response.

Rapid Response

When you have a monitored system in place, an immediate response can be actioned when an alarm is triggered, providing a rapid response from the fire services, authorities and or notification to the keyholder that there is a fire on site.

False Alarms

Other areas of your fire alarm system that can be monitored and identified, are false alarms. Once the monitoring team have confirmed it is a false alarm, they can inform you or switch off the alarm remotely, therefore saving you and your business time, cost and reducing system downtime.

System Faults

Finally, system faults can also be identified when you have fire alarm monitoring in place. By monitoring your system, the monitoring provider can therefore see if any issues could be compromising the security of your system. At RMS, we will always fix these issues remotely whenever possible.

Fire alarm monitoring, therefore, acts as an extra layer of safety and security as an alarm trigger, fault or false alarm will never be missed.


Who monitors the alarms?

At RMS, we have a Monitoring Centre team in place, with highly trained operatives, who will provide the constant monitoring of your fire alarm system.

We handpick our monitoring operatives to ensure we are continuously providing the highest level of professional service. In addition to their wealth of experience, each operative are SIA licensed and BS7858:2012 vetted.


What happens when alarms are triggered?

Want to know how fire alarm monitoring works? Find out in the below steps what happens when alarms are triggered.

  1. Your fire alarm system is triggered and we receive a signal.
  2. If the signal is received during your site’s normal working hours, one of our monitoring team will be in touch with the site to confirm whether the activated trigger is a false alarm or not. If it is a false alarm, we’ll stop the alarm. If there is a fire, we’ll action an immediate fire brigade response.
  3. If the signal is received outside of your site’s working hours, we assume it is not a false alarm and will automatically initiate a fire brigade response.

Fire alarm monitoring is therefore a service that can significantly increase the safety of your site and employees. If you are looking to set up a new monitoring contract or wish to move an existing contract over to us, get in touch online or call us on 0330 002 1149.


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