What are the Benefits of Remote Patrol to a Business?

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September 30, 2021

Remote patrol is a service carried out remotely that eliminates the need for any on-site security patrol team. 

It has a number of benefits that have an effect on the client’s productivity and efficiency. But what exactly is remote patrol? Who provides it and what are the benefits of remote patrol to a business? Keep reading to find out all you need to know and whether the service would be beneficial to you. 


What is remote patrol?

Remote patrol is a service provided by a third party monitoring provider. The monitoring operatives will access a site’s CCTV system and through the carefully positioned cameras, will be able to view the entire site remotely. The team will therefore be able to conduct security patrols via the camera network as per the client’s instructions and requirements such as lighting, employee safety, doors, gates and barriers, as well as health and safety checks. 

These patrols can be carried out as many times as the client requires and can replace the role of a physical warden patrol or as added support to a current security on-site team. 


Who provides remote patrol services?

There are various monitoring providers who will provide remote patrol services, however it is important to choose a provider who is NSI approved and has the full capabilities to carry out the required patrol measures and checks. The monitoring provider will have a team of highly skilled monitoring operatives who will manage the remote patrols. They will be trained to high level to carry out tasks such as making announcements, routine security checks, inspectections, recording details and when needed, escalating any issues to the keyholder or emergency services. 


What are the benefits of remote patrol to a business?

Improve overall site security 

Remote patrols add an extra layer of security for sites, therefore providing an enormous benefit to the business. By using the remote patrol service to identify suspicious behaviour, unwanted visitors and any incidents, a site will be significantly safer than without the service and dedicated monitoring team. 

Flexible & scalable

A major benefit of a remote patrol service is that it is often flexible and can be easily scaled depending on the size of the site. The monitoring operative will work with the client to carry out the necessary security tasks whenever needed, whether that be several times per hour or once per day. As long as the CCTV system expands and covers more of a site, so can the remote patrols. 

Rapid-response for emergencies 

Monitoring operatives are trained to an extremely high level and are able to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations, at a rate much faster and efficient than a day-to-day site employee. They will identify an issue, determine and then contact the correct response in a matter of minutes, which will again increase the overall safety and security of a site. 

Cover all vulnerable areas

A physical security warden or patrol can’t be in all places at once and especially will not be able to cover all vulnerable areas at the same time. The benefit of a remote patrol to a business is that they can not only cover all vulnerable areas, but they can also identify vulnerable areas whilst carrying out their patrols. 

Reduces risk of human error 

Remote patrols can have the benefit of reducing the risk of human error and key security issues being missed, due to having the ability to have eyes on all key areas through the CCTV cameras. Where a physical security warden may miss something crucial, due to not being in the right place at the right time, a monitoring operative can view the entire site and be sure not to miss any activity or checks. 

Zero contact patrols 

With remote patrols, you can significantly reduce the amount of contact between employees and help keep the individuals on-site safe. 


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