Intruder Alarm Monitoring and its Benefits Explained

Intruder Alarm Monitoring
April 27, 2021

Ever wondered what happens when a business’ alarm sounds out of working hours and no one is around? If it’s an unmonitored alarm system, nothing! 

That’s because it’s up to the business to hear the alarm and carry out the necessary action, such as call the police. However, if staff aren’t present and the alarms are not heard by passers-by, it’s possible that the intruder could carry out their crime unnoticed. 

However, if the intruder alarm is monitored, it’s a different story… 

Keep reading as we explain the full benefits of intruder alarm monitoring.


What is intruder alarm monitoring?

Intruder alarm monitoring is when a third party security monitoring provider, constantly monitor and look over the entire intruder alarm system. They’ll be keeping watch 24/7, 365 days a year in wait for any of your intruder alarms to be triggered. 

When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring team will confirm whether or not it is a false alarm and if not, will rapidly action the most appropriate response. This could be in the form of a verbal warning via the security system to the intruder, the sending of a specialised guard team or the police. 

Intruder alarm monitoring is a service that provides an extra layer of security, peace of mind to stakeholders and eliminates the worry of intrusion out-of-hours or when staff are not present. 


What are its benefits of intruder alarm monitoring? 

Taking out a monitoring contract for your client’s intruder alarm system provides a whole host of short-term & long-term benefits to all aspects of their business. 

Improved Security 

Intruder alarm monitoring provides the constant monitoring of the system, whether your client and their employees are present or not. Whether it’s the weekend, a national holiday or throughout the night, the business will have the extra layer of protection as no alarm will ever be missed.

Immediate Response 

When an intruder alarm is monitored, the monitoring team will receive an instant notification if an alarm or sensor has been triggered. They are therefore able to instantaneously and immediately action the most appropriate response, completely remotely. 

It’s important not to underestimate the time it would take an individual to report an alarm and contact the police. A break-in is a stressful event and emotions can take over making people behave inefficiently. Also add in the time between the alarm triggering and someone realising, it could be hours before they’re notified by a passerby. A monitoring provider can do all this in a matter of minutes. 

Stops Intruders in Their Tracks

The rapid response from the monitoring provider then leads to an improved rate of stopping an intruder in their tracks. As well as action a police response, monitoring operatives can also carry out a verbal confrontation or warning to the intruder through the security system which has been proven to deter intruders almost instantly. If they know that the police are on their way and they’ve been caught on CCTV, they won’t be hanging around for long! 

Reduced False Alarms 

When an intruder alarm system is monitored, it can also act to reduce the number of false alarms. Not only do false alarms put a strain on the emergency services but they are also frustrating and annoying for businesses. When an alarm is triggered, the monitoring team will get in contact to check if it is a false alarm or not. A simple part of the process, but integral to helping the business run more efficiently.

Reduced Business Downtime

A major benefit of a monitored intruder alarm is that they will experience reduced business downtime, especially in the instance of false alarms. If a false alarm does occur, the monitoring team can identify it and disable the alarm remotely. This means the client and their employees won’t have to wait for the emergency services and for the building to be cleared. Instead, they’ll be able to quickly get back to their tasks without sufficient interruption. 


The cost of an intrusion is incremental. Not only can the cost of damage from forced entry and vandalism be costly, but there will also be a monetary loss from any stolen goods, such as stock, computers and tools. Setting up a monitoring contract will therefore be a small investment per month in the improved security of a site, compared to the potential loss if a break-in did occur. 

Peace of Mind

Last but by no means least, providing peace of mind is a major benefit of intruder alarm monitoring for both you and your clients. You can be rest assured that someone is keeping watch on the site and that the necessary actions will take place if and when needed, without any input from you.

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