What are the Benefits of Fire Alarm Monitoring?

July 31, 2021

We believe fire alarm monitoring is essential and so should you. The UK Home Office reported over 150,000 fire-related incidents in 2020, with 221 fatalities! A fire that is not caught early can lead to tremendous damage and above all, loss of life. 

Luckily, fire alarm monitoring can result in the quick identification of fire and an immediate response from the emergency services. 


What is fire alarm monitoring? 

Fire alarm monitoring is when you use a third-party company to provide full-time monitoring of a site’s fire safety system. They will be monitoring for system faults that may compromise the effectiveness of the system in the event of a fire, as well as alarm, smoke and heat detectors that would suggest a fire has broken out. If it is thought that a fire is present, the monitoring team will confirm it is not a false alarm, either by contacting the account key holder or via the site’s CCTV system, if possible. If there is a confirmed fire then the monitoring team can instantly action an emergency response from the fire brigade and emergency services. 


Who monitors the fire alarms?

A monitoring team at your chosen alarm monitoring centre will monitor the site’s fire alarms. 

At RMS, our monitoring operatives are highly skills and hold years of industry experience in monitoring all types of alarms across multiple industries. They are trained to a high standard to respond quickly and efficiently to all alarms and provide the most appropriate rapid response to each situation, such as the fire brigade. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we make sure all operatives are highly skilled in this area, to provide a friendly, calm and approachable service during times that have the potential to be quite stressful for the client. 


Why is fire alarm monitoring beneficial for the end-user? 

Fire alarm monitoring provides various benefits for the end-user across multiple areas both financially and emotionally. Our top 6 benefits of fire alarm monitoring are:


Complete protection

Fire alarm monitoring protects a site from the devastating effects of fire. By automatically identifying and responding to a fire breaking out, it means there is an increased likelihood that the fire will be dealt with as quickly as possible with minimal damage to the site, no matter the time of day. 


Improved employee safety

Because the responsibility of alarm monitoring sits with the third-party monitoring team, employees are at a reduced amount of risk from fire, as they will not need to attend any alarm activations. 

At RMS, all our monitoring is carried out remotely, which means there is a reduced risk to all individuals when dealing with fire alarm activations.


Reduce false alarms

False alarms can have serious costs to the end-user, as well as wasting the emergency services time. With fire alarm monitoring, operatives will always confirm whether the activated alarm is false or because a real fire has broken out, before they action an emergency response. 


Reduce business downtime

Without professional fire alarm monitoring, it can take a significant amount of time for the business to be up and running again after a triggered fire alarm. This can lead to downtime that will end up costing the business valuable time and money, something that is particularly frustrating when it ends up being a false alarm! With fire alarm monitoring in place, the operatives can identify false alarms and prevent any potential downtime. 


Immediate response

Monitoring operatives are specifically trained in providing the most appropriate response to a situation and as quickly as possible. Although you may think that you would be able to respond quickly yourself, you could waste valuable minutes deciding what to do and who to contact, especially with the emotional stress of a site being at serious risk. Not to mention that a monitoring team will be able to provide a rapid response, no matter the time of day. Even at 4 am on Christmas morning, they’ll be able to provide a quick and efficient response. 


Peace of mind

There is nothing more valuable than peace of mind. By taking the stress and responsibility of alarm monitoring off of employees and transferring it to a professional monitoring team, you can guarantee that no alarm will be missed and will always be dealt with immediately, therefore providing the very best protection for a site. 

There are therefore many benefits of fire alarm monitoring and it can provide immense value to a site in terms of the increased protection and prevention against fire. 

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