Easi Site Care from RMS

February 10, 2021

Easi Site Care from Remote Monitoring Services is our suite of carefully curated portals, reports and software. All specifically selected and designed with one goal in mind, making it easy to care for customers sites. Consisting of EasiVue, EasiTest, EasiReports & EasiMaintain we believe no other ARC offers a package like it.

Collaborating with CheckMySystems, EasiMaintain allows for 24/7 automated remote checking of your CCTV installations. A daily exception report lets you know of new faults identified through its diagnostic checks. This results in early warning, and speedy resolution, keeping your customers sites fully working.

EasiTest enables your engineers to place systems on test and check signals through our mobile web portal. Using our secure portal, EasiTest enables engineers to save time whilst on site, and the need to speak to an operative when carrying out maintenance or repair visits.

Office based employees can use EasiVue to view in detail system setup, event history and download footage of events handled. Offering a transparent window into our system, EasiVue meets our ethos of being open and honest about the service that we perform.

Monitored systems can create a lot of reports, what are they informing you of? What do you need to do? With EasiReports we have added info boxes, which provides this information to you. Adaptable for each report type, these can be personalised for each installer, a simplified, curated service.

Easi Site Care from RMS, ensuring that caring for your customers sites is EASY!!!

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